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You’ve Got Questions. We’ve Got Answers.

Check out the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we receive below. If you can’t find the answer to what you’re looking for, please be sure to reach out. We’re always here to help.

What does "Ghosting" a graphic mean?

“Ghosting” is a less-bold way to show off your logo, or graphic by printing the graphic on apparel that's close in colour to the garment

Do you offer sublimation/full colour prints?

We will be launching this service early in 2022! 
• Sublimation is ideal for complex graphics, or graphics with many colours. Photographs can be applied to apparel with sublimation.
• Cut Vinyl application is ideal for simple designs and graphics with minimal colours.  Works great for bold text, line art, or clip art styled graphics.

Do you offer hats?

Coming soon! January 2022!

How do I place an order?

• Contact us by email or direct message
• Have the following ready: Style #s. Sizes, Colours, Quantities
• Let us know what you'd like for graphics on your chosen apparel

How do I know what size to order?

• Our sizing chart for our most popular brands can be found on page 6 of our catalogue
• Unsure about your size? Email us, we can help!

I don’t know what I want on my apparel, where can I find inspiration and ideas?

• Pinterest, Google, Instagram, Facebook...all great places to start
• We don't want to copy the work of another artist, we want to be inspired to spin it!
• Send us your own sketch and we can bring it to life for you!

How long does an order take?

The more you order, the quicker the turn around time. Confusing, right? Since we work with suppliers who ship to us in bulk, we have minimum orders we have to place to avoid costly shipping fees. Ordering in bulk allows us to keep our prices fair. Consider ordering with friends, and family to qualify for volume discounts and quicker turn around time. Generally, we aim for 2-3 weeks from time of order to completion.

Do you carry other items that aren’t listed in your catalogue?

We sure do! If you’re looking for polo shirts, dress shirts, wind-breakers, 3-in-1 jackets, softshell jackets, etc...just ask! We’d be happy to put together an information packet for you specific to your needs.

What are your price points?

All of our prices in our catalogue include your custom graphics. 
(Please reference page 3 of our catalogue if you plan to have your graphics sublimated or use multiple colors of heat transfer vinyl as some additional fees may apply.)
Generally, our t-shirts are $20-$30 and hoodies/sweaters are $25-$75, depending on the chosen brand and style number. 

Do you offer any discounts?

We are priced fair from the beginning, but we do offer volume discounts for quantities of 10+.

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, cheque and etransfer.
Payment in full preferred up front, at minimum a 50% non-refundable deposit is due at the time of ordering. 

How do I get my products?

• Shipping Canada-Wide with Canada Post - Lettermail (untracked) and Canada Post - Expedited (tracked) options available
• Shipping prices vary depending on quantity in your order
• Local free curbside pick-up available
• Doorstep delivery may be an option in certain areas from time to time for a minimal fee.

Do you accept returns/exchanges?

Due to the custom nature of our products, we do not offer returns or exchanges. If need assistance with sizing, please reach out.

What Graphic Design services do you offer?

• Logos & Branding 
• Print Materials (Brochures, Business Cards, Wedding Invites, Postcards, Catalogues, etc)
• Digital Content for your website, social media, email lists etc

What services do you offer?

• We create custom apparel for individuals, teams, groups, communities, companies, and small businesses
• We help you bring a sense of community to your event, team, or business, and we help add that personal touch to a gift
• We work with other small businesses to help increase their sales and exposure with" exclusive to them" designs and apparel.

What can I expect when I work with you?

When you place an order with The Den Designs you become a part of the team. We make sure you feel like you're involved the whole way without being overwhelmed. Whether you know exactly what you want, have absolutely no idea but need something made, or somewhere in between. We will meet you where you're at and make sure that in the end you've got something that you can be just as proud of as we are!

Who do you create custom apparel for?

• Groups, teams, individuals
• Fun gatherings, events, communities
• Small businesses, retail shops, corporate promotions

I’m a small business with retail space, how can you help me?

• We can increase your sales and exposure with" exclusive to you" designs and apparel.
• Volume discounts available

My business isn’t a clothing company, why should I carry branded apparel?

Your company/small business should carry apparel even if you aren't a clothing business...
• Easy advertising
• Built in community building tool
• Increase brand awareness
And who doesn't want to see their clients or customers walking around with their super cool logo? 
Want to see how your non apparel business could have it's own clothing line? Send us an email! 

Do you offer team apparel?

• Are you part of a sports team, a gym, a group, a committee etc?
• Create a sense of community and promote yourselves with branded apparel for your team/group
• Check out our catalogue, email us directly, we can help make the process easy!
• Volume discounts available

Do you design logos? Is it possible to re-brand my current logo?

Your business won't die if you redesign your logo. Trust me, people might not even notice..... So why would you want to redesign it in the first place? 
• Maybe you whipped up a quick one in whatever program you had handy when you first started your business because you just needed something. It's okay, most people have been there. 
• Maybe you need to pivot your business because something isn't working.
• Maybe you've changed the way your business operates completely.
• Maybe your style has changed... or you just don't like the logo anymore.
You don't need some big reason to explain why you want to redesign your logo. You're allowed to change anything in your business that isn't working for you. It is YOUR business after all, isn't it?

I want a logo designed, what do you need from me?

• Ideally, I want to know not just the name of the business, but also the style of logos you like, the colors you like, 
the vibe you want your clients to get when they see your logo. 
• I create a panel of ideas and then we pick them apart until we have created the perfect image to represent you and your business.  
• Things to keep in mind when dreaming up a logo is how easily the logo can be reproduced for things like merchandise, clothing, embroidery, vehicle graphics etc.
• In the end, you’ll walk away with a logo you love, and you’ll also have all kinds of file types at your disposal for sending to a signage shop, social media advertising, and print marketing and more!

Here's how to find logo inspiration (and what you can send us when it's time to design yours)

• Find 3-5 brand colors you like. 
• Look for 5-10 logos to pull inspiration from.
• Create a brand inspiration board on Pinterest...or send us a ton of screenshots...we won't judge ;)
• Together we'll take all your likes, discuss what vibe you and your brand should feel like and come up with some ideas to match. It might take some back and forth, but we will find the perfect logo for you! 

Will I be a part of the design process? Or do you do it all for me?

Collaborating with your designer is absolutely key to creating products you'll love. Why? Well we certainly can't read your mind... (we wish)
It's a designer's job to put their technical and artistic skills to work for you but it's your job to let us know HOW to do that. Sometimes it happens in an instant. We just seem to be on the same wave length and the process is easy. Other times it requires a few tweaks and a lot of back and forth. But that is all a part of the process and the end goal is the same = coming together to create a product that you love.
So if you're ready to work with a designer (like us) to create something  incredible you need to come prepared with some ideas of what you like and don't like, a vision of what you're thinking, be open to suggestions and willing to work together to tweak until we create the perfect design for you. 

I have my own artwork/logo, how do I get it to you and what files types do you need?

• Email us the file PDF, AI, EPS CDR are best
• High Resolution JPEG, PNG, GIF may also work
• We'll show you a mock up over your chosen styles

Will you copy a design for me?

When we work together to create something, even if you used someone else's work as inspiration, you're going to love it THAT MUCH MORE. 
Which is why won't recreate a design by another artist for you...But it's more than just because we don't want to steal someone else's idea and hard work. It becomes unique and personalized. Something special that we designed as a team. We live for creating pieces you'll be proud of so no, we won't recreate someone else's work just because you really love it. You'll thank us later ;)

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